Black Diamond

by Via Princessa

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Via Princessa was originally formed in 1990 by high school friends Matthew Aarness (vocals) and Shon Kornfeld (guitar). Originally named Clay, the group recorded 10 songs for EMI Records, but broke up before the album could be finished or released.

In 2014, Kornfeld transferred the master analog tapes to digital, re-working the album in his home studio, Moai Sounds. Reuniting with Aarness, the duo crafted an album of material that has a distinct late 80's/early 90's alternative rock feel, but with modern sounds and sensibilities. The result, "Black Diamond", is a true time capsule of well-crafted soundscapes and emotions.


released January 1, 2016

Produced by Shon Kornfeld and Artie Kornfeld
Recorded at Moai Sounds by Shon Kornfeld, and Dodge City Sounds by Erich Gobel and Rick Wood
Mixed by Joel Wanasek
Mastered by Howie Weinberg

© 2015 Via Princessa
℗ 2015 Space Anthem Music (BMI)



all rights reserved


Via Princessa Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Empty Shoes
Somewhere down this road I travel
There is a bleeding place that I never seem to grapple with
Going long
I'm going to catch that ball…

Lifts the lid to his mahogany chest and found it in the dirt

Then the dull white pages read so sullen now
In a patch of apples she picks in her evening frown

Inside old school gates, hadn't I a life like we remain?
Inside old school gates to fill empty shoes

Please dear sir remind me of my friends
I hope some of them are still alive
Track Name: Things to Wear
My boy
Your mother tells me
You've lost your favorite things to wear
And I tell you
We are only human only listening
along those damn preachers roads

I can't walk anymore
Oh, my eyes

Dragging the grave behind me
Gathering up all the art that you killed
We're the same
Does he see her running late
If it's here where you want to go
That's alright

I can't walk anymore
Thoughts descending from less than them

September night
Boy dies without a fight
I'm showing you life
Track Name: Honest
As of now I am not your crime
Buy you a drink and maybe you were honest
and blind to a soldiers grey dead love
They all wait for us
Is he down down down sorry yet?

Used to with her lace out and her loveless sheets
He answers his head hung down
Said surely your breathing

Darling I'm freezing

Every time we goes this far I lose my voice and I lose it all
Track Name: Oceansway
Any child who is beaten fears his own hands
And though our bodies still remain
With every drink I down and every woman I lie to
I'm remembering how it was and why I am the way you feel
It was august then, never will again.

Hello my eyes! Say it!

I've been holding down your lusting

Brushing back The hair I've ruined
If he comes back here just say I've been gone
Holding down his hurt hand

All her life she said
I've had and like my hair this way she said
Just remember us all her life she said
All the mouths wide

Dressed like him
I left you this way
I wanted to know he stayed
Tongue pressed against his women
Please leave this house today son

I wanted to know he stayed
He likes my hair this way she said
Just remember us all her life she said
All the mouths wide

You feel love don't you?
Track Name: Spent
Now two of us are sad
Bring a light
To die by if you'd like
Never regret the 19th if only then we couldve tried to be
All we could be

Didn't I
Cry beneath the moon for you
Didn't I
Say what I always wanted to
Nearly gone
All in time turns to gray
Didn't I

Have a lost will
No girl can save
No money left to pay you
For wine teasing champagne she writes
I will always
Feel the way you do
Track Name: March
Oh well, plaster polished stars hanging from the cab she took home
And listens to a brand new wedding march
Oh well, plaster polished stars hanging from the roof she let go of
And listens to a brand new wedding march
Track Name: Hello Flowers
May always
She lives there in 13
And this is all there is for me at all

Climbing your chain link fence
This is all too much for us

Oh why she's falling there
She knows her way
Oh why she's falling there
She knows why
Oh why she's falling there she knows her way along

Oh I wish you would
I know you used to send me flowers
I wish you would
Track Name: Millionairess
This was a picture of New Orleans
Cracked up she's a millionaires
Same channels, same smile

Our blood hits hard
Are blood hits hard
And what I call it would be ugly
Our head in a China blanket
Same channel, same smile

And the last ones there
Down you
I would always stay
And he tried it when he fell

And the more we have the less we give you
Stay here in the darkest room we have
Same channels, same smile

And the last ones there
And they told you
Love this
Hold this
Don't wait
I have already been there
Track Name: Hour
Everyone loves
Often you're not but you love it
Know who you are

Everyone cries for religion
Everyone's wrong
Smoke your last good cigar

Everyone loves
Often you're not but you love it
Know who you are

Everyone's face and expressions
Everyone's face
How shameless you are

Well it's frightening when you know who he is
Yeah It's frightening when you know
It all slips away

Please let me know
Please let me go
My arms
Please let me wave
My arms

My hour waits
Come along
Track Name: Sincere Enough
He repairs his aging clock face
With blessed gears
His big mouth reminiscent
Shot glass empty
And at noon today I will be drinking coffee with you
And I wish that we could make the skies snow a lot
The way God used to

I don't owe you blood before I bleed it
How young we both were once
Takes and ties him up
I don't owe you blood at all

In the park where you live
Days would never end
Eyes could only see
I have no more for you

In the light had you dawned yet
And this time would you fight for it
And because of me would you die for it and know
that I have no more for you